Shopping Cart Handle Wrap


Shipping to United States: $3.25

Have you ever watched people while they are shopping? If you have, then you know you NEED this Shopping Cart Handle Wrap!
The Handle Wrap measure 5 in x 20 in made with cotton and Velcro and will fit most cart handles. The Handle Wrap can be machine washed and dried. (I would close the Velcro fastener so it won’t catch on other items in the laundry).
The Handle Wrap comes in a plastic bag so when you are finished shopping, you can roll the Handle Wrap and place it back in the bag to minimize contamination. When you return home, remove the Handle Wrap from the plastic bag and throw in the laundry/washer.

Caution: this will not totally protect you from all viruses and germs, but it will minimize your exposure. Diligent hand washing will also minimize your chances of exposure.

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