Microwave Bowl Cozy


Shipping to United States: $3.25

This is a Bowl Cozy. It is square and measures 8in x8in. It is made with 100% cotton material, inside and out, including the thread. My Bowl Cozy has 2 (two) layers of 100% cotton batting, inside. It can help protect your fingers from burning while removing a hot bowl from your microwave. The Bowl Cozy will also help with catching little spills in the microwave. (IF the Bowl Cozy does get wet from spills during the microwave process, be aware that the wet Bowl Cozy WILL be HOT!)

Instructions: Place the Bowl Cozy in the microwave WITH the bowl on top of it. After heating your food, grab the corners of the Bowl Cozy to carefully help lift your bowl.

Now you can enjoy your meal without burning your fingers. Also, you can enjoy a hot bowl of food while sitting, watching a movie without burning your lap!

The Bowl Cozy is also great for keeping little hands and big hands from freezing while eating ice cream!
The Bowl Cozy comes in handy when heating a cup of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa!
The Bowl Cozy makes a great inexpensive gift for your fellow office workers. The Bowl Cozy will help keep the office microwave clean, too!

Care Instructions:
The bowl Cozy is made from 100% cotton materials, including the outside material, inside batting, and thread. They are machine washable and I recommend drying on low heat or air dry over a bowl to keep its shape.

The Bowl Cozy makes a very thoughtful gift for everyone on your gift list regardless of the occasion.

Oh and, the bowl is NOT included.

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